Free Shooter : Overwatch 2 Review

Overwatch 2 Review

Overwatch 2 is a sequel to the original Overwatch, and it has been described as more of an evolution than a reinvention. As a Free Shooter, we feel it is worth spending some time on this Overwatch 2 Review. I mean, any excuse to game, right?

This sequel maintains the intense, nuanced, and brilliantly colourful team-based battle that made the original so enjoyable. The game now revolves around a 5v5 format, which is a significant shift from the traditional 6v6 matches in the original game.

The game has introduced three new heroes and a new game mode, which is cool. The character reworks are interesting but not game-changing. The reduction in team size has brought both blessings and curses. It has managed to pull Overwatch 2 out of the stagnant meta swamp its predecessor found itself in over the past couple of years.

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Overwatch 2 Review

However, some reviews suggest that Overwatch 2 is held back by its own identity crisis, lack of content, and questionable choices. Despite these issues, it is still considered a must-try experience, especially if you are playing with a dedicated squad of friends.

The game is now free-to-play, which is a significant change from the original Overwatch. Despite some visual and performance cutbacks, it shines on platforms like Steam Deck. The game’s high pace suits its competitive nature perfectly.

In Search of an Objective Overwatch 2 Review?

Overwatch 2 delivers high-octane multiplayer gameplay and a wholly improved version of the much-loved shooter. Despite a number of early issues, the game manages to build on pas success. However, it’s worth noting that the matchmaking system is a bit “meh”.

Please note that these are our opinions and the actual experience may vary for different players. It’s always a good idea to try the game yourself to form your own opinion. Happy gaming! 😊

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